Technology has improved our lives - now let it improve your vision at Torga Optical's Spectacle Spectacle Great Value Prices.


Here are some of the quality aspects you won't easily find elsewhere, at our prices.


Latest German precision lens technology (free form lenses)




Multifocals - High Definition "FLEXIVUE" Premium Lenses

Torga Optical is the only optical chain to have converted completely to digital lens manufacturing in our state-of-the-art lens laboratory - using German precision lens technology - at everyday low prices. 


H.D Flexivue lenses:

  • Offer up to six times higher resolution than conventional (old technology )multifocal lenses sold elsewhere
  • Are designed and manufactured to keep your vision closest to your natural vision
  • Provide greater comfort and flexibility for all your visual requirements.


Latest Technology Photochromics



Torga Optical does not offer low technology photochromic lenses. These lenses do not darken or lighten well, nor does the colour change quick enough to be effective, and generally these lenses do not last half as long as Torga photochromics. Torga Optical offers only the best and latest technology for photochromics - including Transition T6 and Sunsensor products.


Latest Technology Lens Protection - "Ultra Scratch Free"



"Ultra-Scratch Free" offers a lot more than a typical "in store" dip hard coating offered by many other optometrists. Such coatings do not last long, can wash off, and offers little protection. For the same price or better, Torga Optical offers a factory manufactured "Ultra Scratch Free" coating using the latest German precision lens technology with a full guarantee to give your lenses many years of use with reasonable care and attention.


Latest Technology Anti-Glare Coatings



Not all anti-glare coatings are the same. It all depends on the equipment and processes used to manufacture. Torga Optical has the latest technology vacuum coating equipment and software to provide superior "anti-glare" coatings to lenses - all at the cost-effective prices and guarantees.


Latest Technology Polarised Lenses




The best solution for sun protection and driving is polarised lenses. Most optometrists recommend that everyone should own a pair of quality polarised sunglasses. Polarised lenses do what no other lens treatment, tint or photochromic lens can - they block blinding glare. In addition, polarised lenses can enhance visual acuity, colour contrast and visual comfort, and block 100% of harmful UVA (315-380nm) and UVB (280-315nm) light. You will see much better and you will look after your eye health. Torga Optical uses only the latest polarised lens technology available - NuPolar from Younger Optics andNuPolar lenses are available in more colours, styles and materials than any other patient polarised lens.


German Precision Lens Technology for your Fashion Eyewear


Our eyewear consultants will recommend the latest technology lens options to suit your lifestyle and image that will match your frame selection.

Your perfect frame also needs the latest technology lenses to suit your visual lifestyle. We will recommend state-of-the art lenses such as plastic, lightweight thin plastic, photochromic colour changing lenses, impact resistant polycarbonate, and more - all to suit your lifestyle and your individuality.


Lens Enhancements

Our professional optometrists and eyewear consultants will recommend to you the most suitable, latest technology lens coatings to enhance your fashion eyewear, in order to make your spectactles more durable. We recommend UV block protection for outdoor use. For computer use, you cannot beat the superb clarity of vision that you get with anti-reflection coating when you drive or use computers. It is also recommend for enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes (as refelctions can also prevent others from seein gyour eyes).

Do you work in bright surroundings? Put a tint or an antireflective coating on your lenses, which will reduced eyestrain and squinting.

There are many other lens coatings available - come to your nearest Torga Optical store and talk to our eyewear consultants.


Lens types available at Torga Optical

  • Bifocal
  • Transitions and photochromics

Lens materials available

  • Glass lenses - it is recommended that these be heat hardened to reduce breakage
  • Polycarbonate - recommended for durability, lightness, and optical quality
  • Speciality lens materials for thin and light lenses
  • Speciality polarised lenses
  • Speciality photochromic lenses.