An anti-reflection (ARC) coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of lenses and other optical elements to reduce reflection. Torga Optical applies this coating to both the front and back surfaces of the lenses in order to minimise all reflections that might be caused from the light emitted by a digital device or any other light source, such as lights at night or interior lights.


From an aesthetic point-of-view, an anti-reflection coating also allows for one's eyes to be more visible to those around you. With no unwelcome reflections on the outer lens surface, the wearer's eyes are clearly visible.


Not all anti-glare coatings are the same. It all depends on the equipment and processes used to manufacture. Torga Optical has the latest technology vacuum coating equipment and software to provide superior "anti-glare" coatings to lenses - all at the cost-effective prices and guarantees.


All Torga Optical lenses are manufactured using the latest in German-precision lens technology at the Torga Lens Manufacturing laboratory in Maitland, Cape Town. This means that there are no middlemen, no heavy mark-ups, and no long waits for your spectacles.


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