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How to choose the best prescription sunglass for cycling

Torga Optical Missions Sports frame designs offer the best solution for your cycling needs,

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OR, Bring Your Own cycling frames and get Torga Optical Mission Sports prescription lenses fitted to suit your visual comfort and sporting style.

What is important when choosing the frames for your cycling glasses? 

1.       How your frames fit:

Fit is always important when it comes to any glasses, but is especially important with cycling glasses. The sunglasses need to fit securely onto your face, but also fit beneath your helmet. Generally, frames with straight-back temples offer the best fit when worn with a helmet. Such frames also allow you to easily remove and replace your frames as needed.

2.       Grip versus Slippage:

Effective cycling glasses require both temple and nose grips to prevent slippage. Rubber grips counter the slippery effect of sweat, while maintaining optical alignment: very important for prescription cycling sunglasses.

3.       Protection:

Wrap-around sunglasses result in wider peripheral visuals as well as good coverage. You’ll feel much more protected all at once. Wrap around frames also provide good protection from wind and flying debris (especially necessary for off-road cycling). High prescriptions can also be accommodated to some extent with wrap-around sunglasses.

4.       Weight:

A lightweight frame is beneficial in that you don’t feel that they’re even there. A lighter frame with light lenses are the way to go. (If you’re faced with reflective surfaces (roads and water) in addition to sunlight, polarised material is recommended.)