Congratulations: you're an Oval!

If your facial features are balanced and your chin is narrower than your forehead, then you have an oval shaped face.

Great news - you are the easiest face to take frame shopping! Your face is generally quite balanced in terms of proportions. This means that most shapes suit you.


Perhaps, because your face still has curves, avoid frames with curves in order to attain even more balance.


Frames to consider and avoid:

:-(    oversized

:-)    strong bridge

:-)    slightly wider than the widest part of the face

:-)    geometric-shapes


Question 3:

Which of the three frame categories below appeals to you most?

We've selected some frames, based on what they are made of so that you can start choosing frames that will suit

Your Individuality!

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Our Torga Exxess 4023 is a Torga Made Acetate frame available in Brown Stripe, Blue Stripe, Havana, Grey and Black colours.

Suggested pricing is for Two Complete Frames including Torga Single Vision Hard Coated lenses for low prescriptions. You can choose any frame in the same price category or lower for your 2nd pair

2 Pairs From R 3 000,00

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