Torga Optical is proud to offer a full range of tailor-made, occupational, prescription safety eyewear compliant to EN standards.


Caring for our patients and providing solutions for their visual day are core values of Torga Optical. To deliver occupational eyecare solutions, Torga Optical has partnered with uvex, an international leader in occupational safety products and protective eyewear innovation.


Why choose Torga Optical for safety eyewear?




  Why Torga?

Quality assured       As the only vertically integrated eyecare group in Southern Africa, Torga Optical practices work closely with Torga Optical Lens Manufacturing in order to offer a 12-month satisfaction guarantee on the optical performance of safety eyewear lenses.

Compliance   Torga Optical is certified by Uvex to offer a full range of safety eyewear, including EN standards "S" and "F".

Cost efficiency   Because Torga Optical is vertically integrated and there are no middlemen, Torga Optical is able to offer a cost-effective solution to businesses and workers.

Latest Technology Lenses   All Torga Safety Eyewear is made using the latest technology Freeform surfacing equipment and Anti-Reflective coating (where applicable), ensuring the greatest comfort and performance for wearers.

Speed of Service   Torga Optical safety eyewear products are usually available for fulfilment to wearers after five business days.

Caring for Employers and Employees   Torga Safety Eyewear is only dispensed by accredited Torga Optometric practices,ensuring caring professional services. Because there are no middlemen in Torga, Torga Optical is able to offer discounted second pairs of glasses for wearers. See current offer here.





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UVEX 6109.213

UVEX 6109.213 Anthracite 62-16 Safety Frame
R 1 190,00

UVEX 6109.221

UVEX 6109.221 Orange 65-16 Safety Frame
R 1 435,00

UVEX 6108.215 Meteor

UVEX 6108.215 Grey 65-16 Safety Frame with lenses
R 899,00

UVEX 6108.214 (9229190)

UVEX 6108.214 Grey 56-21 Safety Frame with lenses
R 1 435,00

UVEX 6109.212

UVEX 6109.212 Grey/Green 59-18 Safety Frame
R 1 190,00

UVEX 6109.211

UVEX 6109.211 Brown/White 59-18 Safety Frames with lenses
R 1 190,00

UVEX 6109.209

UVEX 6109.209 Translucent 57-19 Safety Frames with lenses
R 1 190,00

UVEX 6109.220

UVEX 6109.220 Brown/Olive 65-16 Safety Frame
R 1 435,00

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