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Lens Technology

Latest lens technology for athletes and cyclists. Torga Optical has a wide range of product and add-ons to meet the needs of athletes and cyclists. We manufacture it ourselves at our state of the art facility in Cape Town.

Polarized Lenses. Polarization reduces the glare from reflected sunlight, resulting in the most comfortable and clear vision on the road or trail. Depending on your choice of lens, they can also enhance colour contrast as well - which is a both pleasant and useful side benefit. Note that under some circumstances polarization can obscure water on the road, and therefore you should remove them during wet conditions.

Impact resistant materials. The lenses in your sports frames can be manufactured by Torga Optical in Trivex or Polycarbonate material, which offers far greater impact resistance than regular CR-39 plastic lenses. Trivex also highly scratch resistance and offers excellent optical clarity as well.

Anti-reflection and hydrophobic coating.  Torga Optical can apply our Clarity Anti-Reflection Coating on the back side of your sports lenses, which reduces unwanted reflections when the sun is behind or to your side. We can also apply the Iridio Anti-Reflection and Hydrophobic coating to reduce unwanted condensation on the lenses from perspiration or wet weather.

Personalized digital multifocals. If you're a multifocal wearer, Torga Optical can personalize your multifocals to match your comfortable distance and near positions and visual needs. For example, for a cyclist, your head is often facing down for aerodynamic reasons, requiring your far visual zone to be higher on the lens than regular spectacles. A runner on the other hand might need a visual distance optimised to look far down the road, and also from time to time at a GPS watch.

Photochromics. We can manufacture lenses for you that are clear while you're driving and getting ready in the early mornings to your race or training event, which then gradually darken as the sun rises, giving you the best of the both worlds. We can even offer a polarized solution that gives you excellent visual clarity in the middle of the day.