Bring your own frame or select your favourite


Have a favourite frame already?  We have a range of prescription lens packages suitable for many sports eyewear types. So, bring in your frames and Torga Mission Sports Eyewear will manufacture and fit your prescription lenses. You can include an array of coatings, tints or polarise the lenses too. (While Torga Optical is a leader in prescription eyewear manufacturing, unfortunately not every sports frame will be able to accommodate your prescription and lens choice.) 


Speak to a Torga optometrist for advice on which lenses and/or tints will best suit your sporting requirements. You can also get a fully comprehensive (obligaiton free) eye test done in order to ensure that your prescription is up-to-date.


Torga Optical accredited sports practices stock a range of lens packages to meet your individual needs. View the list of accredited practices here, and book an appointment online.


Find out about the options available per BYO frame type here:

- Wayfarer - Generally, this is the most suitable sports frame design for prescription lenses. Most prescriptions can be fitted to this frame type. If you have a high prescription, or a frame which has a high front curve, or unusually designed lens shapes, it's best to ask your Torga Optician to be sure.

- Semi-rimless and semi-rimless wrap - Generally, lower prescriptions can be fitted to this frame type. It's a good idea to consult with your Torga Optician on the most appropriate lenses for this type of frame, given the wide variety in designs and shapes.

- One-piece lens and snow goggles - Frames with insert clips are required to add prescription lenses.


See examples of options below: